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Beautiful white urn for ashes with Swarovsky crystal dove
Close-up of elegant white funeral urn for ashes adorned with a stunning dove set in Swarovsky crystals.
Elegant white urn for ashes adorned with a beautiful dove set in sparkling Swarovski crystals  in a bouquet of white lilies and roses.
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Crystal Dove Urn

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 “The deepest kind of peace and faith are represented by the dove. It is thought to quiet our troubled thoughts and renew our mind and spirit…” 

Elegant white funeral urn for ashes adorned with a stunning dove set in Swarovsky crystals. The dove traditionally symbolises love, peace, hope, grace and divinity. Doves are often considered messengers from other realms. Simple and elegant in design, this urn suits a wide variety of personal styles and flower arrangements, from whites and greens to the most colourful bouquets. What we think is so beautiful about this urn is that the Swarovski crystals will pick up and reflect the colours of the flowers in the bouquet.

Measurements: H 270 mm / W 180 mm at top / Volume: 4 l

This urn is suitable to hold all the ashes of an adult.

Material: Arboform®  Lignin or liquid wood is one of the most abundant natural polymers. It is a by-product of paper production and is made from 100% renewable raw materials. It is completely biodegradable if exposed to soil and water. In your home, the urn will last indefinitely. A completely biodegradable ash bag and sealing clip is included with every urn. The Swarovsky crystals on this urn are not biodegradable.

Manufactured in Germany.