With Love

Urns by Atemo

When our mum died in 2015, we struggled to find a funeral urn that we liked; that she would have liked… The urns we could find seemed to have remained unchanged for decades and there was hardly any choice or variety. Born from this experience, we decided to put together a range of beautiful and contemporary urns that moved away from the more sombre and old-fashioned designs of the past. Each urn in our collection has been chosen with love, compassion, tenderness and the intention to provide a product that can suitably reflect the life and story of a loved one.

Our urns are designed with understated elegance to look beautiful at a memorial service or celebration of life and to suit a wide variety of flower arrangements and personal styles. In a special place in your home, our urns are heartfelt and beautiful pieces that will last indefinitely and will keep and hold the ashes of your loved one with love and dignity.

The name we chose for our collection, Urns by Atemo, is a combination of the German word 'Atem' meaning breath, and the Spanish 'te amo', for 'I love you'...as our breath is what carries us for all of our lives, from the moment we are born to the last breath we take. When the breath ceases, love is what remains.

While we know that this is a purchase no one wants to make, we think that choosing the right urn with love can bring some solace and peace. We hope that within our collection, you will find an urn that might reflect your loved one’s values, preferences and personality.

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