All urns in our collection are comprised of the highest quality eco-friendly materials. They are made of Arboform® which is also called liquid wood (Lignin). Liquid wood is a by-product of paper production and is a 100% natural, biodegradable and renewable raw material which looks and feels very similar to polished or mat wood. It is eco-friendly, non-toxic and does not deplete or depend on non-renewable resources. By adding a combination of biodegradable pigments or coatings, liquid wood can be vibrant and colourful or imitate the look of marble or different types of wood. In a special place in your home the urns will last indefinitely. However, when placed in nature and exposed to soil and moisture the decomposition process starts and with time, the urns will leave no residue and will become one with nature again. During the decomposition process the urns’ components break down into water and humus, which are both part of the eternal cycle of nature. Choosing a biodegradable urn provides a kinder and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional urns. A biodegradable urn is a beautiful way to honour your loved one as well as the earth.

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