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Beautiful and natural looking blonde maple wood imitation urn for ashes with a delicate gold ring around the lid.
Beautiful realistic looking wood imitation urn for ashes in s blonde maple colour sitting next to a bronze Hindu Goddess and a pink orchid.
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Summer Wood Urn

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Stunning wood imitation urn for ashes with a delicate gold ring. The blonde maple colour of this urn will look beautiful taking pride of place anywhere in your home guarding the ashes of a loved one.  At a memorial service it will suit a wide variety of flower arrangements and personal styles. This design of this urn is very dignified and timeless, yet very contemporary at the same time. 

Measurements: H 256 mm / W 210 mm at top / W 118 mm at base / Volume: 5.5l

This urn is suitable to hold all the ashes of an adult.

Material: Arboform®  Lignin or liquid wood is one of the most abundant natural polymers. It is a by-product of paper production and is made from 100% renewable raw materials. It is completely biodegradable if exposed to soil and water. In your home, the urn will last indefinitely. A completely biodegradable ash bag and sealing clip is included with every urn.

Every urn is unique. Due to production processes, colours and patterns of this urn may vary slightly.

Made in Germany.