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Beautiful oat-coloured linen urn for ashes with bow and a delicate wooden ornament. Completely biodegradable.
Close-up of wooden flower ornament on oatmeal coloured linen urn.
Beautiful oatmeal coloured linen funeral urn with wooden ornament and delicate garden blooms tied to it with a linen bow. The urn is sitting on a weathered wooden bench.
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Nature Linen Urn

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Simple and beautiful oat-coloured fabric urn for ashes made of the finest ecological Italian linen and adorned with a wooden jewel. The ashes sit safely in a biodegradable bag and container inside the urn. A linen bow is tied to close the urn. This urn is a wonderful way to keep and honour the ashes of someone who used to tread lightly and with kindness on this earth. 

Measurements: H for linen bag ca 40cm (H 270mm / W 180 mm at top / Volume: 6.5 l for inside craft paper urn)

This urn is suitable to hold all the ashes of an adult.

Material: This urn is made of 100 % of the finest Italian linen. Linen is a natural fibre that stems from flax. Growing flax uses very few natural resources. Flax can grow in poor soil which is not used for food production and can even rehabilitate polluted soil. Flax plants also have a high rate of carbon absorption. The ash bag and craft paper container inside the urn are completely biodegradable as well and will over time become one with nature again if lowered into the ground and exposed to the elements.

Made in Finland