Choosing a bespoke urn is something truly special and an expression of love...

If you are looking for an urn that is specifically designed for a loved one or reflects part of their personality or their personal likings, please contact us, we would love to help...



Black funeral urn with applied golden calligraphy 'Gracias a la vida'

Black Legacy urn with applied calligraphy 'Gracias a la Vida'.


Seafarer Urn personalised with 'Forever in our Hearts' as well as the name of a much loved father and grandfather.


Customised Urn for Ashes with personal wording

Tulips. Our Leaves of Grass Urn with personal wording for a beloved wife, mother and grandmother.


 White urn for ashes handpainted with a sprig of rosemary

Our Honour Urn hand-painted with a beautiful sprig of rosemary.


White funeral urn handpainted with liquid gold leaf with the Japanese Kanji character for 'Strength'

Honour urn hand-painted with the Japanese Kanji symbol for 'Strength' in liquid gold leaf.


Black Funeral Urn hand-painted with Rolling Stones Lips

Bold and beautiful. All black urn hand-painted with the famous Rolling Stones lips.



Please note: We try to use environmentally chalk colours for our personalised urns where we can. Sometimes we need to use small amounts of acrylic paints or gold leaf to achieve certain effects and colours. The hand-applied lettering on the urns is not biodegradable.