SBS Radio Interview Urns by Atemo

SBS Radio Interview: Sustainable Urns - German Kristina Condous helps with the Final Journey

I am so grateful for the opportunity to have been able to speak with Barbara Barkhausen from SBS Radio last month. Our business is very close to my heart, so being able to talk about it and share our story was wonderful.

When our mum died in 2015, we found it incredibly difficult to find a funeral urn that we liked, and even more important, an urn that she would have liked… All the designs we could find seemed to be sombre and old-fashioned and had not changed in decades. After speaking to so many people who also struggled to find an urn for a loved one, we decided that we wanted to put together our own collection of contemporary and beautiful urns for ashes.

We know that buying an urn is a purchase no one wants to make, but we think that choosing the right urn with love can bring some solace and peace and is a way we can express our love.

This is the link to the full SBS radio interview.



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